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This brake tool set is an essential for any professional mechanic. An ideal addition to any garage, the set offers 8 different tools including a brake spreader, brake caliper, and piston compressor. Please browse below for our full range of Brake Tools products

Brake Tools

BAHCO 250400010 Lift Spare Set with 2 Springs (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBRFKM1 Flaring Kit (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBR150I Brake Circuit Clamps (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBR204 Hand Brake Cable Pliers (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBR6131 Brake Spring Pliers (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBR6135 Brake Spring Pliers With Pivoting Head (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBR210P3 Shoe Brake Springs Removal And Installation Set (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBR202P4 1/2” Pentagon Socket And Bit Set For Hand Brake (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBR201P64014-BB201P67818 1/2 Impact Socket Driver XZN (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBR201P6 XZN 1/2” Impact Socket Bit Set For Brakes (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBR203P920-BBR203P960 1/2" Impact Socket Drivers Torx Bits For Brakes (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO BBR203P9 Torx® 1/2” Impact Socket Bit Set For Brakes (BAHCO Tools)