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Measuring Tools and Scientific Instruments

ELORA OMS-54L Module Testing And Measuring Tools Empty Module

ELORA 197-01 Feeler Gauge Tape 0.01mm (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 1571-1000 Engineer Steel Square 1000x500mm (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 1535-300 Protractor With Locking Screw 300mm (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 1517-B Spare Battery Digital Vernier Caliper (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 2179-125/200/335 1/2" Torque Wrench With Vernier Scale

BLUE-POINT EEFB310 Fuse Buddy Pro Test Kit (BLUE-POINT)

BLUE-POINT FB322 Feeler Gauges, 22Pcs (BLUE-POINT)

BLUE-POINT FBM320 Feeler Gauges, 20Pcs (BLUE-POINT)

BLUE-POINT FB316B Feeler Gauges, 18Pcs (BLUE-POINT)

ELORA 1541 Universal Bevel With Magnifier (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 2179-S Safety Cap For Torque Wrench (ELORA Tools)