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Assortments and Storage Units offer an ideal solution for organizing and storing small objects. Please browse below for our full range of Assortments and Storage Units products


TOKU AA-1.3B Closed Handle Air Chipping Hammer Breaker

TOKU AA-0B Open Handle Air Chipping Hammer Breaker

TOKU TFC-200F Straight Air Flux Chipper / Chipping Hammer

TOKU MS-230 Orbital Sander 228mmx93mm (TOKU Air Tools)

TOKU TSG-6L Air Straight Grinder 150mmx15,9mm (Toku Air Tools)

TOKU TSG-5L Air Straight Grinder 125mmx12,7mm (Toku Air Tools)

TOKU TSG-4L Air Straight Grinder 100mmx15,9mm (Toku Air Tools)

TOKU TSG-3L Air Straight Grinder 75mmx9,5mm (Toku Air Tools)

TOKU TAG-900 QJL Air Angle Grinder 230mmx22mm (Toku Air Tools)

TOKU TAG-700 QJL Air Angle Grinder 180mmx22mm (Toku Air Tools)

TOKU TAG-50MLH Air Angle Grinder 125mmx22mm (Toku Air Tools)

TOKU TAG-45MLH Air Angle Grinder 115mmx22mm (Toku Air Tools)