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Vices, Clamps and Accessories are a category of hand tools used to hold objects while they are being worked on or to hold two things together while an adhesive is applied. Please browse below for our full range of Vices, Clamps and Accessories products

Vices, Clamps and Accessories

IRWIN TV175B Woodcraft Vice 7" (IRWIN Tools)

IRWIN TV150B Woodcraft Vice 6" (IRWIN Tools)

IRWIN TM141 Mitre Cutting Corner Clamp 100mm / 4 1/4’’

IRWIN T541 Quick-Grip Mini One Handed Bar Clamp 12” / 300mm

IRWIN T53PD Plain Screw Vice 10-1/2” (IRWIN Tools)

IRWIN T52.1/2PD Plain Screw Vice 9” (IRWIN Tools)

IRWIN TL136/6 Lengthening Bar Clamp 1200mm / 48’’

IRWIN T136/11 T-Bar Clamp Average Clamping Force 1950mm/ 78’’

IRWIN T136/9 T-Bar Clamp Average Clamping Force 1650mm / 66’’

IRWIN T136/7 T-Bar Clamp Average Clamping Force 1350mm / 54’’

IRWIN T136/6 T-Bar Clamp Average Clamping Force 1200mm / 48’’

IRWIN TL135/4 Lengthening Bar Clamp 36" / 900 mm (IRWIN Tools)