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Flooring Materials are essential for creating sturdy and stylish floors. Please browse below for our full range of Flooring Materials products

Flooring Materials

ELORA 1810-ET Workbench Storage (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 2078-1 Fixed Square Insert Tool (ELORA Tools)

IRWIN TMFC153 Flooring Clamp (IRWIN Tools)

Cat. No. 2032 E UNITEST Portable Cable Locator

3030-10 HiTester

Multi Heads Scaling Machine SF-11H – Design for rust removal on ship deck, etc.

HS 404 The Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Spade Cutter

Yew Aik AH-66512 Drain Cleaner Model K-60SP For 11/4" to 4"

Yew Aik AH-531 Drain Cleaner Up to 4” Capacity Machines

MITUTOYO Standard One Revolution Type for Error-free Reading

BAHCO SUP-LAM ERGO™ Superior™ Laminator Saws for Laminate/Wooden Floors (BAHCO Tools)