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A level is a tool used to determine whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). Please browse below for our full range of Levels products


BMI Technical Data Telescope Builder's Level Levelling Instrument Automatic / Optic (BMI Tools)

BMI Tool Box Builder's Level Levelling Instrument Automatic/Optic

BMI LEICA DISTO™ A8 Laser Distance Meter Measuring (BMI Tools)

BMI Compact Levelling Platform Accessories Laser Levelling

BMI Telescopic Levelling Staff Laser Levelling Accessory (BMI Tools)

ELORA 793LTA 1.1/2" Impact Socket Extra Deep Hexagon Inches

LUX /Moisture / Balometer

Big Clinker Cutter (600mm)

Diamond Super Box Aluminium Spirit Levels with Magnetic Base

Diamond Super Box Aluminium Spirit Levels

BAHCO 496-SPARE Spare Vial for 496 Levels (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO 496 Double T-profil spirit precision levels (BAHCO Tools)