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Assortments and Storage Units offer an ideal solution for organizing and storing small objects. Please browse below for our full range of Assortments and Storage Units products

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                Pruning saws are used to trim shrubs and trees. There are many types of folding saws, each designed for a particular type of branch or stem. All types of pruning saws should have hard-to-heat-treated teeth but in different sizes and shapes. This tool is used to cut larger bushes and smaller tree branches.

                Pruning Saws

                BAHCO 4400-/4420- Spare Blades for 4211/4212/339/340 Pruning Saws (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO 396-HP-BLADE Spare Blades for 396-HP Pruning Saws (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO 396-JT-BLADE Spare Blades for 396-JT Pruning Saws (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO 396-JS-BLADE Spare Blades for 396-JS Pruning Saws (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO 4724-JT/4728-JT Spare Blades for 41-JT Pruning Saws (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO 5724-JS/5728-JS Spare Blades for 51-JS Pruning Saws (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO LAP-KNIFE Foldable Saw and Knife Laplander Set with Dual-Component Handle (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO 41 -JT Pruning Saws with Dual-Component Handle and Holster for Winter Pruning (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO 4211-/4212- 4211 Hardpoint and 4212 Fileable Toothed Pruning Saws with Wooden Handle (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO 51 -JS Handheld Pruning Saws with Dual- Component Handle and Holster for Green Branches Cutting (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO 396-HP Foldable Pruning Saws with Dual- Component Handle for Hard/Dry Wood Cutting (BAHCO Tools)

                BAHCO 396-JT Foldable Pruning Saws with Dual- Component Handle for Winter Pruning (BAHCO Tools)

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