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Assortments and Storage Units offer an ideal solution for organizing and storing small objects. Please browse below for our full range of Assortments and Storage Units products
A scraper is a tool that has a small handle and a metal or plastic blade and can be used for scraping a particular surface clean


ELORA 290-80G Seal Flat Scraper Cranked 60 mm (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 290-80 Seal Flat Scraper Straight 80 mm (ELORA Tools)

BAHCO FF1A225LM Fit&Go 3/3 Foam Laser Marked Inlay Awls, Hooks, Scraper, Magnetic Pick Up Tool & Torx Bits Set - 60 pcs (BAHCO Tools)

ELORA 166 Mounting Bar Chrome-Plated (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 164 Pry Bar Chrome-Plated (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 359 Mounting Punch Shaft Black (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 231 Mounting Check Plug (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 259 Mounting Drift Punch (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 270 Pin Punch With Guide Sleeve (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 271 Parallel Pin Punch (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 264 Drift Punch Shaft Black (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 230 Automatic Punch (ELORA Tools)