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Assortments and Storage Units offer an ideal solution for organizing and storing small objects. Please browse below for our full range of Assortments and Storage Units products

Tools @ Height

BAHCO GL010 Power Tool Gloves with Absorption Pad and Anti-Vibration Pad (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO 3875-GLOVE General Purpose Synthetic Leather Gloves (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO GL008 General Purpose Gloves with Absorption Pad (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO TAHBOD54 Grease Pumps with Quick Link (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO TAHBFRL11 Head Torches with Dyneema String (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO TAHBE64520 Chain Oil Filter Wrenches with D-shackle (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO TAH2535F2 ERGO™ Magnetic Pick-ups with Dyneema String (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO TAH2509 Flexible Pick-up Tools with Wire Loop (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO TAH2633 Miniature Awls/Hooks/Picks Tool Set with Kevlar Textile Wire Loop (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO TAH2487 Carbon Scrapers with Safety Spring (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO TAH420SH-80-160 F-Clamp with Safety Bow Shackle

BAHCO TAH7852-1 Reversible Ratchet Insert Tools with Safety Pin Locking Mechanism (BAHCO Tools)