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A wire stripper is a small, hand-held device used to strip the electrical insulation from electric wires. Wire strippers resemble a pair of pliers or scissors. Please browse below for our full range of Wire Strippers products

Wire Strippers

ELORA 466S 309 Cable End Sleeves Assortment (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 1082 Universal Cable Knife (ELORA Tools)

ELORA 1081 Universal Cable Knife (ELORA Tools)

Long Nose Plier

Long Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier

BAHCO 2223V VDE Insulated Wire Stripping Pliers (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO 2223S ERGO™ Wire Stripping Pliers with Insulated Dual-Component Handles and Phosphate Finish (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO TAH2223G-150 ERGO™ Wire Stripping Pliers with Safety Ring (BAHCO Tools)

BAHCO 3417 A Wire Stripping Plier Tools for Coaxial Cables

BAHCO 3517 A Wire Stripping Pliers with Anti-Slip Handle (BAHCO Tools)

BLUE-POINT WT1017C-6 Insulated Wire Stripping Pliers (BLUE-POINT)