ELORA 518 Axial Grip Plier (ELORA Tools)

$75.06 SGD


ELORA 518 Axial Grip Plier (ELORA Tools)

The ELORA 518 Axial Grip Plier from ELORA Tools is a versatile tool used for gripping and holding objects in tight spaces. With its unique axial grip design, this plier provides a firm and secure hold, making it perfect for industrial and professional use. Trust in ELORA's innovative technology for your gripping needs.

- for work in tight curves, especially appropriate
for work on doorways, wheel housings,
tail gates, bonnets and rear side panels,
without moving the plier
- slim shape with quick release lever
-  jaw adjustment: 0-18 mm
-  jaw wideness: 18 mm
-  bright nickel-plated, black jaws
-  jaws made of high-strength steel

- Refer to Chart Size Image for product specification