ELORA 552-PZ Screwdriver Blade Variant (ELORA Tools)

$14.37 SGD


ELORA 552-PZ Screwdriver Blade Variant (ELORA Tools)

The SCREWDRIVER BLADE VARIANT 552-PZ ELORA TOOLS is an essential tool for a range of DIY and professional projects. With its hardened steel blade and comfortable ergonomic handle, it provides the utmost precision and control for screwdriving tasks. This variant is the perfect tool for loosening and tightening screws of all shapes and sizes.

- for plain and cross slotted screws
suitable for ELORA-No. 520
- hexagon blade matt chrome-plated
- through hardened
- ELORA-special steel 73MoV5 / 1.2381
- blade edge according to DIN ISO 2380-1
- tip according to DIN ISO 8764-1 P

- Refer to Chart Size Image for product specification