ELORA 770-L8 Offset Handle 1/2" (ELORA Tools)

$23.75 SGD


ELORA 770-L8 Offset Handle 1/2" (ELORA Tools)

The OFFSET HANDLE 1/2" 770-L8 ELORA TOOLS is designed to repair and adjust mechanical parts in a secure and precise manner. Offering a variety of sizes and even a double offset feature, this tool is suitable for a range of maintenance and manufacturing requirements for both professional and DIY users.

- matt chrome-plated
ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium 31CrV3 / 1.2208
- male square according to
DIN 3120-A 12,5, ISO 1174,
with ball locking device
- according to DIN 3122, ISO 3315

- Refer to Chart Size Image for product specification