TECNOGI 1080 Mechanical Torque Wrench 935mm (TECNOGI Tools)

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TECNOGI 1080 Mechanical Torque Wrench 935mm (TECNOGI Tools)

The TECNOGI 1080 Mechanical Torque Wrench 935mm is a precise and reliable tool, perfect for use in mechanical applications. With its 1080 Nm torque capacity and 935mm length, it ensures accurate and efficient tightening with minimal effort. An essential for any professional mechanic or engineer.

Mechanical Torque Wrenches 

  • Wide range from 140 to 800 Nm
  • Kgfm from 14 to 80
  • Lbfm from 120 to 580
  • Lbf.in from 1400 to 7000
  • Increment 20 Nm
  • Length 935mm
  • Weight 6,50Kg
  • Precise and constant tightening: setting the proper torque is easy using a fold-away torque adjuster
  • Thrust bearing for soft calibration purposes.
  • The handle turns freely to prevent accidental slipping of the torque setting.
  • Double signal when the set torque is reached: acoustical click and effort decrease.
  • Wrench re-sets automatically.
  • The sliding through square drive enables to effect right and left tightening.
  • For scales: Nm, Kgfm, Lbf.in, Lbf.ft.
  • Guaranteed Accuracy +- 4% in accordance with EN ISO 6789:2003.
  • Calibration certficate with SIT traceability.

- Refer to Chart Size Image for product specification TECNOGI 1080