TECNOGI 3534 Digital Torque Wrench with Ratchet 550mm

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TECNOGI 3534 Digital Torque Wrench with Ratchet 550mm

The TECNOGI 3534 Digital Torque Wrench with Ratchet 550mm is a precision tool used for tightening bolts and nuts to a specific torque measurement. With its digital display and ratchet mechanism, it ensures accurate and consistent tightening, reducing the risk of over or under-tightening. Ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Digital Torque Wrenches

  • Torque Range 34 to 340 Nm.
  • Lbf.ft from 25 to 250
  • Lbf. in from 300 to 3000
  • Increment 0,1 Nm
  • Length 550 mm
  • Weight 1,36 Kg
  • With reversible ratchet or universal fittings 9x12 and 14x18.
  • Digital display.
  • Optical and acoustical signal at the achievenent of the preset value.
  • Three leds:
  • - Yellow for measuring just below tolerance range
  • - Green for measuring withim the tolerance range
  • - Red for measuring above the tolerance range
  • Constant acoustical signal at the achievement of the preset value that will blink in case of overload.
  • Peak hold or track mode measuring.
  • Reading scale in Nm, Lbf ft, Lbf in.
  • Accuracy +- 2%.
  • Guaranteed accuracy in accordance with EN ISO 6789:2003.
  • Calibration certificate with SIT traceability.
  • Data output via serial port RS 232C for printer or computer interface.
  • Power supply with AA batteries size (standard) or by cable (optional).

- Refer to Chart Size Image for product specification TECNOGI 3534