TECNOGI 4350SR Click Torque Wrench 3° (TECNOGI Tools)

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TECNOGI 4350SR Click Torque Wrench 3° (TECNOGI Tools)

The TECNOGI 4350SR Click Torque Wrench is a precision instrument designed to accurately measure torque. Its 3° arc swing allows for fine-tuned adjustments, enabling it to calculate torque values with an accuracy of ±3%. Additionally, its ergonomic design ensures it is comfortable and easy to use.

Click Torque Wrenches 3°

Classic click torque wrench with tightening torque setting through a foldaway torque adjuster. Setting scale of the torque engraved with laser technology on the wrench. When the set value is reached, the wrench clicks and for about 3° it does not apply any tightening torque. The 9x12 and 14x18 drives allow this wrench to be used with both reversible ratchet and open end accessories, ring end, etc (see Accessories section). The non graduated adjustable version is also available (see 4000 Series).

  • Adjustable torque.
  • The handle turns freely to prevent accidental slipping of the torque setting.
  • Tightening in one direction.
  • Compact and robust.
  • Automatic reset.
  • Precision ± 3% over the requirements of the EN ISO 6789-1:2017.
  • Capacity 70-350 N-m
  • Drive 14x18
  • Length 785 mm
  • Weight 2,13 Kg
  • Tool compliant with the EN ISO 6789-1: 2017 standard.
  • Declaration of conformance with international traceability through accredited laboratories.

- Refer to Chart Size Image for product specification TECNOGI 4350SR