TECNOGI 602T Torque Wrench For Production Lines 10 - 60 Nm

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TECNOGI 602T Torque Wrench For Production Lines 10 - 60 Nm

The TECNOGI 602T Torque Wrench is specifically designed for production lines, providing precise torque measurement for fastening tasks. With a range of 10 - 60 Nm, this wrench ensures accuracy and efficiency, reducing the risk of error and improving productivity. Perfect for industrial use, the TECNOGI 602T is a reliable tool for any production line.

Torque Wrenches For Production Lines

This wrench is developed to meet the specific needs and expectation on production lines. This type of wrench breaks at an angle of 20 degrees, when the set torque is achieved. This prevents the overloading of the bolts, also for not skilled operators. The original inner mechanism ensures reped-table accuracy.

  • Torque Range from 10 to 60 Nm.
  • Lbf.ft 7,5-44 ft
  • Drive 9x12
  • Length 360mm
  • Weight 0,87 Kg
  • Break angle of 20° (degree) limited
  • With graduated scale (series 600) or pre-set, the desired torque must be set using a torque analyzer (series 600T).
  • Compact and strong.
  • Automatic reset.
  • Right hand use.
  • Guaranteed accuracy +- 3% in accordance with EN ISO 6789:2003.
  • Calibration certificate with SIT traceability.

- Refer to Chart Size Image for product specification for Tecnogi 602T