TECNOGI TN14 Torque Multiplier With Reaction Bar (TECNOGI Tools)

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TECNOGI TN14 Torque Multiplier With Reaction Bar (TECNOGI Tools)

Increase your efficiency with the TECNOGI TN14 Torque Multiplier. Its reaction bar and high-quality tools make it easy to apply precise torque with minimal effort. As a product expert, trust in its reliable and scientific design, providing accurate results and saving you time and strain.

Multipliers For Torque Wrench

Designed for providing high tightening also in confined area, with safety protection againts overloads: the output square drive, interchangeable, is calibrated to break if overloaded the 20% in order to protect the inside mechanism. One square drive replacement is inculded. Tighten forces are transmitted easily with the maximum accuracy. Gears are manufactured with high precision and high quality steel.

Mod. TN14 With reaction bar

  • Ratio 6:1
  • Max Input 280 Nm. 206,6 Lbf.ft
  • Max Output 1680 Nm. 1239,8 Lbf.ft
  • Length 128mm
  • Weidth 100mm
  • Height 105mm
  • Weight 4,90 Kg

- Refer to Chart Size Image for product specification TECNOGI TN14