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Assortments and Storage Units offer an ideal solution for organizing and storing small objects. Please browse below for our full range of Assortments and Storage Units products

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                Auger drill bits are bits used to drill holes into wood. They are commonly used for boring holes into bulkheads and general timber applications. These drill bits come with a spiral drill bit head which, when drilling, is designed to pull the bit into the wood so you do not have to apply excessive pressure.

                Auger Bits

                YEW AIK AI 00834 No. 12 Lock Auger for Electric Drill Use

                YEW AIK AI 00273-AI 00292 No.6 Combination Shank Short Auger Bit

                YEW AIK AI 00767 - AI 00798 No.4 Power Drill Auger Bit

                YEW AIK AI 00799-AI 00810 No.5A Combination Shank Short Auger Bit

                YEW AIK AI 00756 - AI 00766 No.1 Long Twist Ring Auger

                YEW AIK Spade Cutter For Following up After Augers Have

                YEW AIK Retrieving Auger For Damaged or Missing Cables in Line

                YEW AIK Hook Auger For Heavy and Dense Root Termination

                YEW AIK Funnel Auger For use as second tool in line

                YEW AIK Straight Auger For Use in Exploring and Breaking Up

                YEW AIK Drop Head Auger For Cleaning Equipment

                Yew Aik AH597 Drain Cleaner Closet Augers in 3' and 6' lengths

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