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Assortments and Storage Units offer an ideal solution for organizing and storing small objects. Please browse below for our full range of Assortments and Storage Units products
A gas regulator is a device, which automatically regulates the outlet pressure to a pre-determined value. Irrespective of varying inlet pressures (provided the inlet pressure is higher).

Gas Regulators

YEW AIK AS00159 Weldmaster Acetylene Regulator

YEW AIK AS00544 Dyna Power Welding Products PCM 100

YEW AIK AS00543 Dyna Power Welding Products PCM 80

YEW AIK AS00542 Dyna Power Welding Products PCM 70

YEW AIK AS00541 Dyna Power Welding Products PCM 50

YEW AIK AS00283 Wrap A Round for Straight Edge

YEW AIK AS00155 Weldmaster Oxygen Regulator Rear Entry CO2 CFH

YEW AIK AS00184/AS00188 Oxygen & Acetylene Arrestor for Regulator

YEW AIK AS00166 Carbon Dioxide Regulator

YEW AIK AS00164 Nitrogen Regulator

YEW AIK AS00162 Argon Regulator R-11, 22mmØ x 14th.RH

YEW AIK AS00136 Pipemate Gas Pipe Cutter